Letter from the Editor

My name is Jen Ives. I’m a stand up comedian, writer, artist, online presence & general nuisance. I decided to start this monthly newsletter / digs-zine / future religious text, because I see a gap in the landscape for trans & non-binary femmes to express & share their lives, thoughts & style (I mean, obviously there’s twitter — but a bit of curation never hurt). The plan is for CHOKER to be a place for trans & non binary femmes to read about and share the thoughts, stories, humour, fashion & life experiences that are relatable to them. I made CHOKER because I want to read something like CHOKER.

issue one — the trans separatism issue

If you like what you see in CHOKER and would like to contribute something, CHOKER runs on donated contributions, so simply send it over in an email with a little bit about you to: chokermonthly@gmail.com and we’ll try to to include it in the next one.

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Hope you enjoy it

Jen x

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